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Hands-On Business Fun

Middle & High School Elective Courses

Bizainy instructors lead weekly elective courses within the school day at area middle and high schools. Class is hands-on fun with a real-world twist designed to create self-reliant teenagers.

Sample topics include learning to live to a budget, manage your money, banking options, personal credit, interviewing techniques, problem-solving strategies, internship options, social media professional protocol, team-work, leadership, negotiating, and more.


Bizainy Real Life 

For Teens Applying Business to Their Everyday Lives

In Bizainy Real Life, teens participate in activities that prepare them to succeed in the real world. Each session covers a business life skill plus a real-world activity such as managing our savings, creating a monthly living budget, simulating value household shopping, interviewing for a job, negotiating like a rock star, being a team player, and more.  Core topics include:  Budgeting | Negotiating | Stock Investing | Money Management Problem-Solving | Team-Building| Consumer Costs | Marketing   Interviewing

Bizainy Company

A First-Look at Business

In Bizainy Company, students gain an overview of business by visiting different departments of their student company. Each session includes a fun activity such as participating in a blind taste test, negotiating like a rock star, managing a stock portfolio, creating a budget, developing an advertising campaign, working as a team, and more.  Core topics include:  Finance | Negotiating | Money Management | Budgeting Consumer Costs | Market Research | Marketing | Stock Market | Sales

Bizainy Innovators 

For Students Who Want to Develop an Idea

In Bizainy Innovators, each student develops a new product concept and presents his/her new product idea at our Invention Convention. We nurture our innovative spirit with fun business activities including the get-the-juices-flowing activity, the cool ideas game, crafting your product logo, and becoming a marketing mastermind. Core topics include:  Innovation | Product Development | Presentations | Brainstorming Marketing | Money Management | Idea Evaluation | Advertising 

Bizainy Entrepreneurs

For Students Who Want to Run With an Idea

In Bizainy Entrepreneurs, we emphasize our entrepreneurial spirit. We focus on how to create a company, serve as an effective leader, think like a start-up, design a product, deliver our elevator pitch, build a budget, and more.  Core topics include:  Entrepreneurship | Budgeting | Strategy | Product Development Marketing | Leadership | Company Values | Market Research   Money Management

Bizainy Sale

For Enthusiastic Schools Eager to Support a Student-Run School Sale

In Bizainy Sale, we create and sell a product to raise funds for your school’s community service initiatives. We focus on brainstorming and evaluating ideas, sourcing our product, creating a marketing campaign, selling our product, tracking our budget and profit, working as a team, and more.  Core topics include:  Brainstorming | Budgeting | Money Management | Creativity Marketing | Leadership | Finance | Strategy | Sales


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