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11 Jul

Bizainy Lemonade Stand, Charity Bake Sale & Babysitting Activity Kits Receive Awards in Time for Summer Fun!

Posted by Carolyn Enenstein in awards, oppenheim, parents' choice, toys

Bizainy™ Lemonade Stand, Charity Bake Sale & Babysitting Activity Kits Receive Awards In Time for Summer Fun!

We are excited to share that our new Bizainy™ Lemonade Stand, Charity Bake Sale and Babysitting Activity Kits have received awards from organizations that recognize the very best in children's products. 

Charity Bake Sale Activity Kit won the Gold Seal Award from Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, which states: "If you have a child that wants to run a bake sale as a charity event, take a look at this kit that really lays out the process."

All three kits received Parents' Choice Recommendations, which praised Lemonade Stand Activity Kit as "...well organized... fresh and appealing."  Parents' Choice reviewers said, "As a mom to four caring, creative, entrepreneurial children the Bizainy Charity Bake Sale Kit is a welcome vehicle to channel all their ingenuity..." and "...Babysitting Start-Up Kit offers a great deal of helpful information on the service and business of babysitting." 

We are proud that such esteemed award panelists of educators, parents, experts and kids themselves value the timeless, unplugged family fun that Bizainy Activity Kits provide.  Bizainy strives to empower kids through active dialogue about business, money management and helping others. And we hope to help families experience first-hand that giving of yourself feels great for everyone involved!

There is no time like the present to inspire children by holding a time-honored lemonade stand, charity bake sale or by babysitting, all of which are easier than ever with our new Bizainy Activity Kits. The kits include whimsical and practical hands-on essentials such as:  a printed banner and signs with design-your-own reverse side, decorate-your-own money box, sales pad, business cards, stickers, postcards - plus a book including kids' recipes, marketing plan, budget, and much more.  Bizainy Activity Kits encourage creativity, entrepreneurship and fun -contained in eye-catching kits perfect for birthdays, gift giving and family bonding. 


Lemonade Stand

When life gives you a sunny day, open up a lemonade stand and have fun!  Kit includes:  "Fresh and Delicious Lemonade" printed banner and sign, decorate-your-own money box, sales pad, decorate-your-own-price sign, a 20-page activity book with kid's budget, sale tips and more! (Ages 5-105, adult supervision required)

Charity Bake Sale

Raise funds with a bake sale and make a difference for your cause. Kit includes:  "Sweets for a Sweet Cause" printed banner and sign, decorate-your-own money box; fill-in-your cause and price signs; donor stickers; sales pad; and a 24-page book with recipes, how to pick your cause and more!  (Ages 5-105, adult supervision required)

Babysitting Start-Up

Whether you are ready to babysit or like to pretend, have a blast caring for kids. Kit includes: customizable business cards; client contact book; tote bag; parent instruction pad; kid postcards and stickers; and a 20-page book with business strategies, rate negotiating tips, client management and more!  (Ages 10-110, adult supervision required)

Bizainy Activity Kits inspire creativity; encourage quality family time; and provide opportunities for community interaction - all while building business life skills to help kids thrive!